Motorola PTP LINKPlanner

Motorola PTP LINKPlanner 2.7

Designs and optimizes network deployment schedules
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Design networks for optimal deployment and cost-effectiveness of any type of links by setting up the network parameters in the modeling suite and checking them against available situational patterns. It is compatible with TP 250, PTP 300, PTP 400, PTP 500, PTP 600, and PTP 800 equipment.

Motorola provides the PTP LINKPlanner application with the PTP 250, PTP 300, PTP 400, PTP 500, PTP 600 and PTP 800 equipment. Use PTP LINKPlanner to help predict where and how equipment will work.
The PTP LINKPlanner is an application that runs on Windows or Macintosh. It performs the calculations from the ITU recommendations ITU-R P.526-10 and ITU-R P.530-12 to predict NLoS and LoS paths for anywhere in the world.

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